America’s 2020 Election Finale: Truth and Consequences


In 1788 in The Federalist Papers No. 61[1], Alexander Hamilton discussed the merits of a uniform date for holding elections and cited the risks of an “improper spirit” in affecting the elections of neighboring states. Even more prophetic he considered just how that “improper spirit” might manifest itself in subsequent generations of people and elections:

“I allude to the circumstance of uniformity in the time of elections for the Federal House of Representatives. It is more than possible, that this uniformity may be found by experience to be of great importance to the public welfare; both as a security against the perpetuation of the same spirit in the body; and as a cure for the diseases of faction. If each State may choose its own time of election, it is possible there may be at least as many different periods as there are months in the year.

The times of election in the several States as they are now established for local purposes, vary between extremes as wide as March and November. The consequence of this diversity would be, that there could never happen a total dissolution or renovation of the body at one time. If an improper spirit of any kind should happen to prevail in it, that spirit would be apt to infuse itself into the new members as they come forward in succession. The mass would be likely to remain nearly the same; assimilating constantly to itself its gradual accretions. There is a contagion in example which few men have sufficient force of mind to resist.” 

What if your paradigm or perceptual frame of reference for what you believe is true after November 3rd, 2020 is not really true?

What if you learned that almost everything about the national U.S. election that you are seeing and hearing on television, and reading on the internet, and in magazines and newspapers from the major U.S. news media is false, and based on half-truths or propaganda?  Or just a cover for the real story, and that the truth is almost too unbelievable to accept?

What if you learned that the only reason the President won the previous election, was because his opposition underestimated the actual support that he had, and he won that election and became President despite all the planning and effort by these organizations to manipulate the election results?

What if you learned that the President actually won the 2020 election with a majority of votes by Americans that were so overwhelmingly enormous, that multiple states had to stop all the counting on election night… to stop everything because they panicked and realized they didn’t plan enough, and that President Trump was going to overwhelm their planned fraud, so they stopped everything in order to get more votes in any way they could, and committed even more fraud after election day?

What if you learned that in addition to vote manipulation, in the middle of the night after the election, there were software updates and hundreds of thousands of fake ballots, and pre-printed mail-in ballots thrown into precinct counting rooms to be fed into voting machines and counted for only one candidate?  And that hundreds of thousands of ballots from the other candidate were simply shredded, thrown out, disposed of and otherwise not counted in those same precinct rooms?  What if there were witnesses to this fraud?

Those are a lot of “What ifs…” to consider.   But what if they are all true?

Or… what if the President does not succeed with these challenges, and is not re-elected?… and yet what if all of the fraud and election manipulation was true, and actually did happen?


Alexander Hamilton’s words, written 232 years ago, can also be considered in view of the present elections situation in the United States today. Reading further in Federalist No. 61, Hamilton’s concerns for an improper spirit are as relevant today as they were generations ago.

The year 2020 and the eight weeks after the November election in America have been historic in many ways.

Many people were forced to choose, and will continue to make a choice for where they stand in America. Elected officials in local, state, and federal governments, and the unelected, appointed and volunteer workers in counties all across America will face a choice.  Judges in state and federal courts… civil and criminal courts… and even attorneys and law enforcement officials have faced a choice. This will be a choice of action and a choice of intention.

The choice of action will be for the many elected, appointed and legal and law enforcement officials to fulfill their oaths to the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. 

And then it will become a choice for all of us as American citizens.  A choice of intention… a decision… where will we stand for the future of America?

We will either see that Americans rise to challenge and deter the improper spirit of those who would cheat and steal the soul of the nation from their fellow citizens… Or we will watch as tyranny and corruption begin to emerge from the shadows.

“Fraud affects every American.  Fraud is an evil, hidden malady- a disease that poisons the very life-blood of Liberty that sustains the United States of America.”

Yet no matter the form or shape of corruption and fraud, the truth will remain, to be viewed in plain sight for those who choose to see.

Truth brings light to many, many things… not least the hidden disease of fraud.  It’s not difficult to find the truth, but we must be willing to do so.

We will all have a choice.  Regardless of the outcome of the election… Where will you stand?

We will stand with the heritage of this free republic, and the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  We will stand with the lives of our ancestors and all those who have walked and fought for truth and liberty throughout this great land of the United States of America.  We will stand with our fellow citizens, affirming our right to vote, and to have our legal vote counted.

We will stand with America.   We ask you to stand for America too.   Stand with your fellow citizens and affirm your rights to truth, justice and liberty as Americans!