One Vote! One Person!

One Voice… One Vote.  That is the measure of a true democratic republic. While the U.S. is fortunately not a pure democracy, we use our voice and our votes to elect representatives to act on our behalf.  Within our republic, we also have a constitution that enumerates and protects our rights from the rampant will of a simple majority.  That is precisely why the Electoral College is so important.  [1]Longley, Robert. “Republic vs. Democracy: What Is the Difference?” ThoughtCo, Nov. 2, 2020,  
In the United States of America in the year 2020, voting fraud concerns became a very real issue in many states and local election precincts. Based on the alleged fraud, the results of the U.S. Presidential Election were contested in several states with law suits and court rulings in both state and federal courts of law, and the U.S. Supreme Court.   None of the election challenges were successful, and the evidence of fraud- along with hundreds of witness statements and testimonials, were not considered in the courts of law.   Yet still there are concerns about potential fraud in future elections.

How can we ensure that voting is fair and accurate in the future?  How can the American people know that their voices- and their votes- will be heard?  How do we guarantee election integrity throughout the nation?

The answer should be simple:  The only path forward in future elections is to Verify the Legal Votes with some form of identification and assurance of election integrity.

Election Integrity is an essential component of Democracy and a free America.  If fraud occurs in elections, then that fraudulent vote cancels a legitimate vote by a citizen of any nation holding those elections.  In the U.S., every fraudulent vote by a non-resident of a state, or a non-citizen acts to cancel the legitimate vote of real U.S. citizens and residents.  It really is that simple- every fraudulent or fake vote acts to cancel the real legitimate votes by real people.

Any act or comittment of fraud or deceit during the elections process through false registration or illegal voting, duplicate tabulation, manipulation by computer, or discarded or changed ballots… every act of fraud serves to diminish and cancel the effect of legitimate votes of U.S. citizens in a tangible way.

The citizens of America have the absolute right to a legal accounting of voting in every precinct room, county elections office and state legislature across the nation.  The government should pursue a rigorous elections integrity process to ensure fair elections for citizens of every political party.

In the United States, unfortunately, there are many different laws in each State that define how voting occurs locally.  Those laws have evolved based upon the needs and interests of the residents of those states.  Yet in modern times, these disparate and complex laws that differ among the states can present great confusion for voters before and during elections.

Consequently,  there is no single, verifiable national standard for voting legitimacy and accuracy.  That needs to change.

Moving forward, there needs to be a standard, unified FEDERAL statute or basis for Voter Verification.  Until that time, we will continue to see widespread incentives for fraud in our elections. 

“There is more to the right to vote than the right to mark a piece of paper and drop it in a box, or the right to pull a lever in a voting booth. The right to vote includes the right to have the ballot counted. [2]United States v. Classic, supra; Ex parte Yarborough, 110 U. S. 651. It also includes the right to have the vote counted at full value without dilution or discount. [3]United States v. Saylor, 322 U. S. 385.

U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Douglas, South v. Peters, 339 U.S. 276 (1950)

“America deserves to know and to verify the legal votes, and to discern fraud apart from the honest intent of real U.S. citizens.”  


To Prevent Voter Fraud, and Ensure Your Vote Counts, consider the following actions:

1. BE SURE you are REGISTERED to vote. If you recently MOVED: – RE-REGISTER to vote at your NEW ADDRESS. – CANCEL your OLD VOTER REGISTRATION at OLD address. – Pay attention to Registration Deadlines.

2. VOTE IN PERSON: Find out WHERE to vote, and vote IN PERSON at your Polling place. – Or Vote early- in person- if your State allows. – Take VALID Identification to ensure your RIGHT to Vote. – Vote regardless of media reports. Don’t believe early polls or media reports- Vote anyway. Your Vote matters!  

NOTE: *** If possible, do not give your ballot to poll  after voting *** There are reports of Poll Workers stating the Ballot machine tabulators are “not working” and they “will take care of it for you later.”  While that may be true – try to wait for the machines to work again.  Tell them you will wait.  The machines WILL start working again- this could be a temporary malfunction, or it could be a tactic for fraud.  But if you GIVE YOUR BALLOT to someone- or a poll worker- they could modify, change or destroy your ballot.  Whether intentional or not- it is better to PUT YOUR BALLOT INTO THE MACHINE YOURSELF.  ** (Provisional Ballots may require the Poll Worker to receive the ballot for later verification- and you may not be allowed to put a Provisional Ballot into the machine).

3. DO NOT VOTE BY MAIL unless absolutely necessary.

4. IF YOU ARE voting ABSENTEE and/or by mail: – REGISTER for ABSENTEE Ballot. – Fill out Ballot completely – SIGN the ballot with your OWN PERSONAL signature. (Some States require having Ballot notarized). – Place the ‘secrecy’ envelope inside the Ballot if your State uses one. SEAL your Ballot and TAPE OVER the envelope closures. – Take your Absentee Ballot to drop off at the County elections office for submission (Pay attention to return/mailing deadlines!).  If there is time, check your voter registration and status before the election to ensure someone did not request a ballot in your name.


6. IF VOTING Absentee by mail- VOTE YOUR BALLOT PERSONALLY at the Elections Office, or at the Post Office to ensure Postmark date. Pay attention to Mailing Deadlines to ensure Ballot arrives in time. – Use the Official Post Office Lobby to prevent FRAUD. – Avoid using mailboxes/drop boxes if possible.

7. Vote in YOUR LEGAL NAME ONLY. It is ILLEGAL to vote using someone else’s NAME, or in a FALSE name.

8. If you GIVE YOUR CONSENT for someone to handle your Ballot- You RISK LOSING your Ballot and your vote. – Make sure you TRUST the person or relative.

9. DO NOT ACCEPT money for your vote! That is a CRIME.

10. DO NOT GIVE up your Ballot to “collection groups” or agencies. DO NOT ALLOW “Ballot Harvesting” of YOUR VOTE.

By Voting IN PERSON at the polling place, or by Absentee Mail directly AT THE POST OFFICE LOBBY you are making sure that YOUR VOTE COUNTS!   ___________________________________________________________

Note:  If you are NOT a U.S. CITIZEN then DO NOT VOTE.  That Is ILLEGAL and considered a CRIME.



If you VOTE as an UNDOCUMENTED WORKER or OUT-OF-STATUS IMMIGRANT or ALIEN, then you will RISK ALL potential future rights in becoming a U.S. CITIZEN.You RISK LOSING your residence and rights if you vote illegally.


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