The Tide is Turning for America’s 2020 Election


The title should really be, “The Tide Has Turned for America’s 2020 Election.”

It was interesting to watch and consider the challenge for the 2020 election.  Many believed the hearings and court cases would gain a “footing” or traction in the media.  Yet they did not, and many of the politicians quickly began to embrace the incoming Democrat administration as they watched the results.   Even though the President’s attorneys, and the state legislative hearings attempted to reveal the evidence of fraud, many were speaking out louder and complaining that it was not a real story.   Overall, the court actions were dismissed without any significant fraud being presented, and none of the state legislatures acted definitively upon the fraud presented to them.

The 2020 election challenge was perhaps one of the biggest political events in generations.  It ended however, after the January 7th Electoral Vote certification when the Democrat party won the Presidency.