The Tide is Turning for America’s 2020 Election


As of January 7th, 2021, the title should read, “The Tide Has Turned for America’s 2020 Election.”

If you have been paying any attention at all, some have said that one day we might look back from the future and find that today, November 25th, 2020 is when the “Tide of the 2020 Election” began to turn in favor of the Republicans.  For some it appeared that day was the beginning of a sea change, with that tide now favoring the incumbent President’s chances.  Was that really possible?  No, it was not.   At least as of January 7th, 2021- it was no longer possible after the U.S. Senate accepted the Electoral Vote certifications for the Presidency of the Democrat party candidate.   But it was almost possible in the eight weeks since the November 2020 election simply because the evidence of fraud was being revealed on a much wider scale, piece by piece, and state by state, and making their way through the political and judicial systems.   The lawsuits were being filed, legislative hearings were beginning, and the evidence was increasingly being revealed by witnesses and “whistleblowers” coming forward.  Several “whistleblowers” who assisted in committing the fraud came forward to provide witness statements under oath.

Yet it still did not make a difference in the court system at the state or federal levels.   It absolutely made a difference to Americans in terms of understanding the truth of the election in 2020. Many believed at the time that the President and his attorneys had such overwhelming evidence, that it was simply a matter of time and going through the state and federal court systems.  Unfortunately, no matter what they presented, or how they presented it- the courts did not allow them to proceed and present any measure of the vast pages of evidence they possessed.  And of course it depended upon how effective they were in their arguments, and how the courts viewed the evidence.

Update 11//26/20:   On this date Atty Sidney Powell filed a two very significant civil action lawsuits in both Georgia and Michigan, alleging fraud and criminal behavior on a widespread scale.  These lawsuits include both allegations of “Dominion” computer-based fraud, and “ballot-box stuffing” by individuals, with statements and affidavits by witnesses.  Both of these lawsuits are levied against the State Governors, Secretary’s of State, and the other elected officials in charge of the state elections process.  Many believed that these lawsuits would be very difficult to “defend against” and could have, if successful, provided a precedence in basis for many other lawsuits going forward in other states.

It was interesting, especially to consider if the hearings and court cases gained a “footing” or traction in the media.  Many of those politicians and lobbyists who have quickly embraced the potential incoming Democrat administration were carefully watching the results.   Yet even though the President’s attorneys, and the state legislative hearings begin to reveal this fraud on a massive scale, the media and many of the politicians were speaking out louder and complaining that it’s not a real story.   The states below were contested during the election – yet there were no court cases that dismissed significant fraud presented, and none of the state legislatures acted definitively upon the fraud presented to them.


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Just a few of the other events taking place are listed below:

  • In Wisconsin on 11/24, there was an emergency court petition filed based on potential fraud of up to 150,000 votes.
  • On 11/25 in Pennsylvania, there was state legislative live testimony (3 1/2 hours long- skip around to listen to witnesses, but the testimony is compelling).  The statements and testimony were provided by many citizens and poll workers, with signed affidavits of truthful statements, describing the fraudulent activity they witnessed.  It was truly incredible to watch.
  • Also on 11/25 in Pennsylvania, a judge issued an injunction to block or prevent the Certification of the Election by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, pending further evidentiary review.
  • In Nevada on 11/25,  a judge has ruled in allowing a lawsuit to proceed with the presentation of evidence of fraud.  This is big news, because many judges have previously not allowed the evidence of fraud to be presented in court.
  • On 11/25 in the state of Georgia, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted an emergency appeal for a lawsuit to review the validity of the election.  It appears the 11th Circuit may not believe they have jurisdiction to proceed further, however they will allow the appeal to be heard on jurisdiction before proceeding next week.

Some of the fraudulent acitivity that witnesses were describing include:

    • In Georgia, over 1,000 voters registered using a fake home address, disguising their PO box addresses at stores and retail sites instead of their legal home address. The data scientists don’t know yet if these are real voters committing fraud, or fake “made-up” voters.
    • In the six major contested states (PA, GA, AZ, NV, WI, MI) there were many thousands of people that received absentee or mail-in ballots who did not request those ballots.  Many of those people voted using those ballots, and yet those ballots were not counted. In some cases, someone voted using the names of these individuals.  This is unusual activity that needs to be investigated.
    • Many thousands of people voted in state elections that were not residents of those states, or had moved to a different state.  These voters names are on file with the state government and U.S. postal service for having changed their legal addressand yet many, many of these people voted in both or multiple states- and their names will be available for government review and prosecution at some point.
    • Pre-printed ballots in the thousands, stacked waiting in back rooms to be used as required to fraudulently be counted as votes.
    • “Baggies” of USB drives carried around, and multiple instances of “uploading” data to tabulation computers repeatedly by solitary poll workers, contrary to established procedure.
    • In Pennsylvania, over 570,000 votes, mostly for Biden, were uploaded to computer-based tabulation in a matter of hours, and only 3,400 of those votes were cited as for President Trump.
    • In one Georgia county, of the 900 military ballots/votes received, they were counted 100% for Biden, which is highly unusual.
    • Ballot sheets of actual votes for President Trump and Republican candidates being put into separate stacks and not tabulated or counted.
    • When someone voted, the printed tabulation of their vote was manipulated and did not show a vote for President Trump, but only the “down-ballot” candidates.  When asked why it did not show, they were falsely told it was for privacy reasons, and hence that vote was not counted.
    • Black “sharpie makers” were issued to many voters who were told that “it didn’t matter” and the machines would count them anyway.  It is being revealed that the machines would “flag” these ballots because of the “sharpie markers” and that precinct workers would then put those voted ballots sheets in a separate pile not to be counted later.
    • Abuse by democrat poll workers and judges, yelling obscenities and threatening the republican observers during election day.
    • Opposition party candidates were baselined with 35,000 computer-tabulated votes BEFORE the election even started.
    • Alleged evidence that multiple foreign nations were involved in, or interferred with, the U.S. election in some way. The degree of that involvement has not been cited specifically as yet.
    • Analysis indicates that the number of questionable, or contestable ballots in just three states (GA, PA, MI) exceed the margin of victory necessary for the President to win the 2020 election.

In any event, the past few days began to reveal even more fraud than was previously known.  The degree and type of fraud is incredible, and most Americans would never have believed it could happen on such a massive scale.   We have an expression in America from when television first began… “Stay tuned” and we will see what happens.  The next few weeks will be an historic unfolding of the American political system.

Up until Januar 6th, 2020, this was a true expression of the Constitutional democratic-republican government we have in our nation.  In addition to the legislative and judicial bodies found in every single U.S. state, the federal system will became involved as a vast struggle between the three pillars of our federal system… the Executive Branch (the President and Cabinet), the Legislative Branch (Congress with the Senate and House of Representatives), and the Judicial Branch (with the U.S. Supreme Court and lower Federal Court system).

This was perhaps one of the biggest political and civil crisis events in over 160 years, since the U.S. Civil War.   It ended however, with the January 5th Georgia runoff election victories by the Democrat candidates for the Senate, and after the January 7th Electoral Vote certification just hours after the Capitol protests, when the Democrat party won the Presidency.